Interactive: Coal & Gas Extraction Near WV Water Sources

States are required to monitor waterways that feed into public water systems through a Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) program. The Ohio Valley ReSource used that data to build this tool showing some of the coal mines and gas wells within the watersheds providing West Virginians drinking water.

If you use well water, enter your full address to see mines and gas wells within 5 miles of your location.

Enter your city and state, just your zip or your full address below to see potential hazards to your water source:

This app currently only tracks potential water hazards within the state of West Virginia. As a result, protected water areas that cross West Virginia state lines may be missing some potential water hazards that lie outside of the state.

*DISCLAIMER: While we have taken care to provide accurate geolocating services with this application, we cannot promise that they will provide exact results.

Sources: Coal mine data from West Virginia Geological and Environmental Survey; Oil and gas well data from West Virginia Geological and Environmental Survey via Fractracker; Water protection area data from West Virginia Source Water Assessment and Wellhead Protection Program
Developed by Alexandra Kanik