Benefits At Risk

The ReSource calculated that nearly half a million workers in the Ohio Valley have lost their supplemental $300 weekly unemployment benefits.

The chart shows weekly continued claims in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia for the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), a CARES Act program that allows workers to file for 13 weeks of unemployment benefits after their state-level benefits expire.

The number of workers who continue to receive these unemployment benefits have declined since January 2021.

As of June 5, more than 152,952 workers, or 2% of the labor force, in the Ohio Valley had ongoing claims for the benefits under this program.

Other Federal Benefit Claims Falling

The chart shows weekly continued benefit claims for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), another CARES Act program that helped states expand the pool of eligible workers to independent contractors, “gig” workers, students and youth who aren't ordinarily beneficiaries of the state unemployment insurance.

Combined, 5% of the workers in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia are receiving federal unemployment benefits under these two programs.

... in Ohio

A majority of currently unemployed workers in the state receive benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Those numbers have gone down recently.

Insured Unemployment Rate

At the height of the pandemic, more than 15% of workers in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia received unemployment benefits as shown by the steep rise in April 2020.

The insured unemployment rate measures the number of workers in the labor force who have ongoing benefit claims. This number, a proxy for the unemployment rate, has declined more than 10% from its pandemic high.

Ky. Claims Tick Up

Initial claims are new unemployment benefits applications that give a sense of how many people are losing or leaving jobs.

In the week ending June 12, initial claims in Kentucky rose by 9,186 from a week earlier – among the states with the highest increase in new unemployment filings in the country.

Benefit Exhaustions

The chart shows the number of people who received their first payment of unemployment benefits by week.

First payment data is a proxy for the number of beneficiaries for an unemployment insurance program. While the number of beneficiaries decreased as economies opened up, there are still hundreds of thousands of workers who depend on these benefits.

Source: Department of Labor

Definition source: Century Foundation

Design: Suhail Bhat / Ohio Valley Resource