State-Regulated, High-Hazard Dams

Kentucky is one of only seven states that does not require emergency action plans for high-hazard dams, which means a dam breach could threaten human lives. FEMA recommends these plans as one of the primary safeguards against the loss of life and property damage that can happen when high hazard dams fail. Read the story here.

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NOTE: If you are close to a dam, it does not necessarily mean that you would be in the path of the water flow should that dam fail. This map is meant to inform citizens of dams that are in their area, not to imply any imminent threat.

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*DISCLAIMER: While we have taken care to provide accurate geolocating services with this application, we cannot promise that they will provide exact results.
Sources: State-regulated dams from the Kentucky Division of Water. Federally-regulated dams are not included in this dataset.
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